Sunday, May 15, 2011

School Finals...aaaahhhh! ...Please scroll down to the last one and leave a comment to help me decide what to write about!!

SCHOOL FINALS: All Due the 26/27 of May

Fiction for Children

  • 2,000 words of the beginning of a book-- Complete
  • 500 word synopsis of the rest of the story-- Not Complete
  • 8 book bibliography-- 3/4 complete, I just have to write it up
  • Presentation on Pirates! by G. Malone-- Complete
Women in History
  • 1500 word Presentation write up on: Why Women became Criminals in the Early Modern Period-- Started
  • 2000 word essay on: How illusory is the perception that the fifty years following World War II were decades of radical change in the status, opportunities and lifestyles of women of all classes?--Research Done, Outline Done, first 1000 words written
Medieval Civilization
  • 2000 word essay on...well I haven't picked the topic yet--Not complete (This is on the schedule for next week)
Writing on the Environment
  • 2000 Word DESCRIPTIVE creative piece-- Haven't started, I don't even know what I'm going to write on, I'M OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS!!  

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