Thursday, May 12, 2011

Easter Holiday: Day 5: Beer/Wine & Chocolate tour: Monday March 28, 2011—Brussels

We had a 9:30 train to Brussels this morning and it was packed…mostly commuters. It was about an hour train ride to Brussels. Once in Brussels the Grand Place was impressive. Very grand, very ornate. In the Grand Place there are two things of real interest…for me.

1)     The statues on every building sort of point to each other. The reason for this according to the locals: “What is that smell?” says the statues on the room of the Swan House. 

“Someone farted.” “Yeah.” Says the golden man ridding a horse atop The Brewery museum next door. 

“It was that guy over there,” and he points North across the square to another statue. 

“It wasn’t me,” says that statue, “it was him other there!”. 

Follow his gaze to the southwest corner of the square where a statue of St. Nicolas hangs his head in shame.

2)     The Swan House is there. The Swan House is where Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels met in 1848 to write their Communist Manifesto for which Brussels exiled them.

Here are some pics of our stroll around Brussels!!

Dear Bob Dylan: If you just so happen to be reading is, you've been painted on a wall in Belgium! 

Our trip around Brussels was about six hours round trip. By this time, we were starved! Famished! Wasting away! So we went and had some “Brussels” waffles. I had mine with warm chocolate and strawberries and Kat and Drew had theirs with whipped cream and strawberries. They were square and crispy. We headed back to Bruges and had a “Belgian” waffle, which is round, soft and covered and in powered sugar (I liked it better).

Back in Bruge, we did a little walking around and got the round type of Belgium waffle.

These are made out of Chocolate!

Being exhausted we had a nice nap at the hotel. 

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