Thursday, May 12, 2011

Easter Holiday: Day 8: Beer/Wine & Chocolate tour: Thursday March 31, 2011—Bacharach

Breakfast was fast in the chug-your-coffee-and-take-food-to-go type way. We took the train back to Koblenz and said Auf Wiedersehen to the Mozel Valley on a very deary and misty morning. From Koblenz it was straight on to Bacharach. Once there, we dropped our bags at the hotel and went back to the train station to go to the next town over St. Goar.

At St. Goar we caught a boat back down the Rhine (well, it was up river, really) for about two hours. We had a slice of apple cake (really more like a pie) served cold. The scenery was wonderful, lots of cute little towns, loads of castles. 

We got off at Bingham (Sp?), and had a 20 minute walk to the train station and it was back on a train to Bacharach.

In Bacharach we walked around a little bit. The town claims 1,000 people, but its tiny. Because we didn’t exactly have lunch, around 4:30 we broke down and had dinner at a Dönner Kabab shop that also served pizza. Seeing as how I don’t eat veal it was pizza for me. It was one of the few restaurants open…even the Irish Pub was closed because the owners were on vacation. Activity on the main street picked up again around 6:00pm but by 6:30 it was dead again. I bet during the prime tourist season Bacharach is great but now…we bought a deck of cards and back in the hotel room cracked open a bottle of wine. 

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