Saturday, May 14, 2011

Easter Holiday: Day 13: Beer/Wine and Chocolate tour: Tuesday April 5--Salzburg


Recognize this casa? You should. In The Sound of Music, the Von Trap house was actually two houses. This one and...

This One!! Recognize that balcony?

Salzburg is so pretty!

Yeah, our bus was 'bout them apples!

Recognize that yellow wall? Want a hint? "I have confidence is sunshine, I have confidence in rain! I have confidence that spring will come again, besides which you see, I have confidence in me!!!!"

...I'm am 16 going on 17. Yeah, it really is that small. Funny story, they had to lock it because tourist were getting hurt trying to react the scene. bahaha, I probably would have been one of them. 

The do you solve a problem like Maria

The church were Maria and Captain got married. So pretty! Scroll down to checkout the inside... strudel with vanilla ice cream

This is park were the Do-re-mi scene took place. 

Kat and me, where the kids run through

Even with all the construction you can't beat those mountains!

Me, upon realizing this was my last night with Kat and Drew until I return home at the end of May.  

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