Thursday, May 12, 2011

Easter Holiday: Day 7: Beer/Wine & Chocolate tour: Wednesday March 30, 2011—Mosel Valley

It was really cloudy when we woke up. Breakfast was at the winery, really good German Bread and this amazing whipped honey spread, grain cereal with dried fruits in it and hard boiled eggs. The hard boiled eggs came with a cute little holder, but we didn’t know exactly how it was used, so we just ate them the way we did at home, peeled and cut into fours. The older couple at the next table stared at us the whole time...yes, we knew we were doing it wrong, but there really is no reason to gape.
After breakfast we deiced to climb to the top of the ridge…or rather ride up and hike down. We took the Sessel Bahn (ski lift sort of thing) to the top of the ridge. On top of the ridge, the view was beautiful, several overlooks. There was a café up top, so we had lunch. After lunch we hiked back down the ridge. It was very steep at first, chips of slate rock covered the path, it was very hard on my bad knee. After a little while down, it really started to hurt, and I was worried we were going to have a repeat of the Emily-falls-down-the-Mountain-and-rolls-incident but in this case there would be nothing to stop me from rolling and several drops. I went slow, and each step I took without my knee giving out from under me felt like a victory. The trail ended at the top of our vineyard and ended right at our vineyard-inn.

At 5pm we did a wine tasting with the owner of the vineyard. He was very informative during the tasting explaining the different kinds. My favorite was #15, which was a sweet wine. Normally I prefer dry, but this one was really good, really fresh. (Dear parental birthday committee, for my 21st birthday I would not mind a bottle of this wine!). After the tasting we got to see the rock(slate) wine cellar.
After, we walked back into town and had dinner at a Chinese place which was good. But at the end we got a tiny glass with a liquor in it and small piece of fruit inside. We think it was the “Roater—Weinbergs—Pfirsich Likör”, a local cordial made from small tart “red peaches” that are unique to the Mosel Valley.

We walked along the river on the way back to the hotle. We saw a swan asleep standing up in a parking lot, it’s head tucked away under it’s wings. 

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