Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter Holiday: Day 17: Contiki European Discovery tour: April 9, 2011--Dachau Concentration Camp andMunich, Germany

Dachau Concentration Camp....

The symbol of Munich... a little creepy, right?


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  1. Great Pictures!
    I am planning to do the European Discovery tour from Contiki next year too! I don't see Dachau Concentration Camp as part of the itinerary on their website though....was it on yours when you bought the tour or did they just tell you when you got there that you guys will be able to visit Dachau? Thanks!

  2. I really recommend the tour and Contiki in general, I had an awesome time. Dachau wasn't on our itinerary either, but we had some extra time when we were traveling to Munich, so our tour guides decided to stop.