Monday, March 21, 2011

Aberdeen, Scotland...In a Series of Pictures and Narration

Magi and I leaving the dorm at 5:25 in the morning the catch the Grey Hound to London Victoria. 

From London Victoria we caught the Tube to Kings Cross where we got on an East Coast Train to Glasgow which called at Edinburgh (A very long train ride, here is me sleeping). We got off at Edinburgh, had lunch in the station and got on another train to Aberdeen. 

 When I wasn't sleeping the scenery was amazing. Sheep dotted fields with mountains in the background. And the ocean, the ocean  was especially beautiful. Jagged cliffs  falling into thrashing waves. Beautiful (->).
 The beginning of our second day in Aberdeen, we set off in search of Castle. Here's Magi and I at the bus stop (<-).

We were headed to Balmoral Castle, which is one of the Queen's private residents. The lady working the front desk of our hotel recommended it, and even printed off the information for us and told us where the catch the bus.

At the bus stop we met four Polish siblings who are headed to the same castle. We chatted with them on the two hour bus ride to the castle.  Along the way the scenery is spectacular. We were headed straight into the snow covered mountains:

 So, the bus dropped us and the four Polish siblings off in what felt like the middle-of-nowhere, Scotland. We walk down the drive to the castle and came to this shack that said it was visitors information. Its locked up tight. We walked up to the very impressive gate to the actual driveway of the castle. Its locked. We walk across the street to a church that's there and its locked. Here I am, thinking to myself, who locks a church! 
While we were trying to figure out was was going on, the eldest sibling pulled out her phone, which had internet, and discovered that the castle was closed in march!

So here we are, in the middle of nowhere. Its cold. There's snow on the ground, the temp is dropping and the closest town is a ten minute bus ride back down the mountain... But, we had two strikes of luck:
1.) I got this picture of beautiful river near the castle
2.) The bus that had just dropped us off, had made it to his destination and had turned around to come go back to Aberdeen!


A two hour bus ride later, and we were in the Aberdeen shopping center our hotel was in, getting our feet nibbled on by fish. Yes, I said, getting our feet nibbled on my fish. Just look at the picture ->
 Feeling frustrated about not being able to see a castle, and having a sneaking suspension that the lady at the bus station and the bus driver both knew the castle was closed in march and didn't tell us, we did what any 20-something girls would do. We got dressed up and went in search of a place to dance.  ...We found one. And we danced. 

 Day Three in Aberdeen, and the day we were leaving, we walked to the beach. We took our shoes off, and walked towards the water. Was it cold, you ask? Just take a look at my face in the picture (->). Direct Quote as the wave washed over my feet: "Shenanigans it cold!"

The beech at Aberdeen was beautiful. A nice sandy beach...even if the water was freezing.

 We did regular beach type things...

Like take a picture while jumping...
Writing in the sand....

I snapped these pics of Aberdeen from our hotel room window, what a view...

Well, that about it for this adventure. Easter break starts at the end of the week. I have four weeks off. Three of those weeks I'll be conquering the European continent...should be an adventure!



  1. Scotland is gorgeous even in March. I'm glad the bus came back!!! You're probably right that the bus driver knew the castle was closed.

  2. LOVE reading about your adventures!